Cold storage heat preservation board 
Salt water refrigerating equipment
Circle cooling tower
Drying room
  Shaoxing Kaili Refrigeration and Ventilation Facilities Co., located in the Liang Xiang Industrial Zone of Baiguan , it is specialized in manufacturing cooling tower, chemical saltwater apparatus and various kinds of ventilation facilities for blowers . And it introduces imported self-cooling production line and air conditioning board; it is a professional enterprise in producing refrigeration facilities in East China.......
Fan motor and cooling……
Cold storage door……
Cold storage refrigeration……
Analysis of the development……
Installation of the cold……
Maintenance of……
Cream de cold air……
Shaoxing Kaili Refrigeration and Ventilation Facilities Co., Ltd.

Address:Changtang , ShangYu , Zhejiang Province
Contact person:Ren Juming
Mobile phone:13806761582
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